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Home of End Time Warrior. Calling all Believers in the Messiah "Yeshua" to prepare the world for the End Time Harvest. Are you a "End Time Warrior"?

In the Last Day's there will come a deception that if possible the most elect will be deceived (Matt.24:24).
I am here to tell you that the "Great Deception" is about to enter into this world. The warning signs are already here. If fact, the stage has been set since the fall of Satan and his army of fallen angels. We are already see signs in the church. Many of the Leaders are being deceived right now and leading millions astray.

There can be NO mixing of the truth. Paganism has No place in the church-but look around and you can see it everywhere.  More to continue, please check back when site is completed. bookmark this page.
Site is currently under construction.  Please check back soon.
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